Postpartum Services

The postpartum period brings questions, challenges and a need to be surrounded by loving knowledge. I can be there to guide, teach, hold, nourish and support the family during this intense life transition.

Postpartum Consultations

Postpartum doula services provide the family with a knowledgable presence to answer questions about the baby, the postpartum body, allow the family to rest, cook small meals, take the baby for a walk, teach about slings, wraps and carriers, help with feeding, and generally set things up so the transition to parenthood doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

The rate for postpartum services is $70/hr.

Sleep consultations. Getting a good night’s sleep after a baby is born can feel like the most precious luxury but also the most elusive dream. After a few months of waking up every few hours to feed or soothe a baby, most parents are ready to find a predictable pattern of rest for the whole family that includes long stretches of uninterrupted sleep. I can help you with gentle sleep training that takes into account your particular hopes and needs and circumstances. After a week or two of working together, your baby will be sleeping through the night.

The rate for sleep consultations is $250 and includes an initial conversation, intake, sleep plan, and two weeks of follow-up by phone, text and email.