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doula, childbirth educator, perinatal counselor

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I came to this work after the births of my two children.  While pregnant I was consumed with curiosity about the changes in my body, the broader acceptance of the medical model of birth, and, ultimately, the transformative quality of the birth experience. That curiosity translated into lots of reading, research, and discussions with people in the birth community and eventually becoming certified to teach and support women during their births. Up to that point, upon graduation from Brown University, I had been teaching poetry and performance in public schools, creating new work with an experimental theatre company, and finishing a Master’s in playwriting from NYU. Almost 15 years later, I am proud to be a childbirth educator, labor and postpartum support doula, and certified lactation educator counselor. I have attended over 175 births and supported even more families as a postpartum doula. It is so nice to be able to say that I truly enjoy my work and I love what I do.

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Things families have said...

I heartily endorse Sarah for her postpartum services. I think things might have turned out differently if we hadn’t had Sarah as a resource. When our daughter began to show symptoms of colic, we turned to her and she offered us many useful suggestions for things we could try to soothe our fussy baby. More importantly, she listened empathically and offered us the reassurance that we desperately needed. While we have not been able to “cure” our daughter’s colic, with Sarah’s help we have been able to learn how to handle her colic with more skill and confidence. That has made all the difference.
Renya and Aaron

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I am a coach, a companion, a continuous presence, and a calm, quiet advocate for the normalcy of the birth process. I will hold your hand, hold you up and help you have a memorable transition to parenthood.

I also do postpartum work, present talks, lead support groups, write curriculum, and organize people’s homes! Just send me a message and we can talk about it!

Meeting people in such a vulnerable place. Guiding them through one of life’s biggest transitions. Holding babies!

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