Childbirth Classes

Small group one day intensive classes are offered twice a month at 420 Atlantic Ave. while private childbirth classes can be scheduled in the comfort of your home at any time.  All of our classes are designed to give you the broad spectrum of the normalcy of the birth process.

Support Group

A postpartum depression and anxiety support group is a way for parents to feel connected and gently guided through the transition to parenthood.

Perinatal Consultations

Perinatal consultations can give a mother that extra needed support in navigating this life transition so that she feels comfortable and secure with her baby and the new family dynamic.


Breastfeeding counseling sessions can be arranged if you feel that you need some extra help with position, latch, frequency or pumping. I am a certified lactation educator counselor (CLEC) and able to help you get more comfortable with breastfeeding during those first few days and weeks at home.

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