Private Childbirth Classes

Private childbirth classes can be scheduled in the comfort of your home at any time. They are designed to give you a base of working knowledge about the broad spectrum of the birth process. Prior to the class I will send you a list of topics to help you focus your interests and choose what you would like to learn. This is a comfortable, time-saving and intimate way to learn about the birth experience. Rarely does the class go over three hours.

Sibling preparation, VBAC and refresher classes are also available.

The cost of private instruction is $125/hour.
I will also teach small groups in your home for $85/hour per couple

Email to schedule a time. Due to Covid19 policies, I have moved my practice to a virtual format. I’d be happy to talk with you about what that looks like.

Typically we cover the following material:

  • The signs and stages of labor
  • When to call your doctor or midwife
  • When and how to get to the hospital or birthing center
  • What you can do during a contraction
  • Positions, massage and pressure points
  • How your partner can help
  • What to pack in your “Go Bag”
  • Why or how you would hire a doula
  • Narcotics and epidural anesthesia
  • Induction
  • Interventions and complications
  • The basics of baby feeding
  • Newborn care
  • How to manage the postpartum period

There is no way to predict how your birth will be and there is no way for me to give an exact outcome. My goal is to provide you with a variety of possible scenarios and an expanded vocabulary of birth so that you can go into the experience knowing that there are some choices to be made and, based on the material that we will cover in class, you will be well prepared to make them.