Placenta Encapsulation

We use a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine to dehydrate and encapsulate your placenta. Most placentas yield about 80-150 capsules and have been anecdotally shown to help with postpartum mood disorders and milk supply issues.


fullsizerenderPlacenta Encapsulation

1) Before we decide to work together you should speak to your doctor or midwife and find out if they are comfortable with you bringing your placenta home with you. Every hospital has different policies about releasing a placenta to a patient. Some hospitals require the placenta to go to pathology for testing. If it has to go there for a few hours or a day it isn’t a big deal but having it sit in pathology for longer than four days can make the placenta unviable.

2) Once you have gotten the okay from your doctor or midwife, put together a little bag to bring to the hospital or birth center in order to bring the placenta home safely. It’s helpful to have a couple of large zip-lock bags as well as a small cooler that you can throw some ice in to keep the placenta cold. Most hospitals will put the placenta in a plastic tub that is slightly bigger than a large yogurt container.

3) When the baby and placenta are born, text or call me so we can arrange pick up. I will either pick it up from the hospital or your home. I am often driving around to do pick-ups so I might ask your partner/doula/friend to bring the placenta down to my car if I can’t find immediate parking.

3) It takes me about eighteen hours to complete the process. I use a version of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method of processing the placenta. I clean it, steam it with organic ginger, lemon and red pepper, and then dehydrate it before grinding and encapsulating.

4) I will take photos along the way and email or text them to you when I am done (if you want!) Most placentas yield about 80-150 capsules. I will bring them to your home in a sterilized mason jar with clear instructions for dosage.

5) I love doing this work and I’m happy to speak with you in more detail about the process.


The cost of placenta encapsulation is $350

Two weeks of unlimited phone and email follow-up is included in this cost.