Labor Support

A doula is a continuous presence for the laboring mother. She offers support, knowledge and and an understanding of the normalcy of the birth process all the while knowing that there is no right way to give birth.

unnamed-3A labor doula offers the birthing mother and her partner the opportunity to feel supported, cared for, calmed and ushered through an unforgettable life experience. Services include:

  • a prenatal visit to talk  over hopes and expectations for the birth and answer any questions about comfort strategies or hospital protocols.
  • unlimited text, email and phone communication upon hiring until three weeks after the baby is born.
  • continuous care from the start of labor until 1-2 hours after the baby is born.
  • a postpartum visit to discuss the birth experience and answer any questions about newborn care and feeding.

I have attended over 175 births and I’m happy to be your doula at the hospital, birthing center, or in your home.

The cost of labor support services is $3,200.

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