Sarah Moore

I came to this work after the births of my two children. While pregnant, I was consumed by curiosity: curiosity about anatomy and physiology, the medical model of birth, and the transformative quality of the birth experience. That curiosity translated into lots of reading, research and discussion with people in the birth community. I looked forward to the prenatal visits with my midwives and my childbirth education classes–just to be in the room with other people who believed in the power of this process.

Shortly after the birth of my daughter 13 years ago, I began the program to become certified as a childbirth educator. Up to that point, upon graduation from Brown University, I had been teaching conflict resolution in the public schools, performing with a theatre company, and finishing a Master’s in playwriting from NYU.

I am now a certified cooperative childbirth educator through CEA/MNY, I have attended over 175 births as a doula, and I am a certified lactation educator counselor through UCSD. I am also trained in infant CPR and neonatal resuscitation and I sit on the Education Committee for CEA/MNY. I have also completed a training through Brown’s Medical School called A Multidisciplinary Approach to Infant Colic and I have completed Postpartum Support International’s maternal mental health training in perinatal mood disorders. It is so nice to be able to say that I truly enjoy my work; I love what I do.

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